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  1. Read me first!
  2. Fan controller for A/V cabinet
  3. metronome and 7 seg displays
  4. Large Digit Clock with Menu and Keypad
  5. Vertically Scrolling your LCD
  6. VMUSIC2 tips-n-tricks
  7. The Weather Machine
  8. Remote Volume Controller
  9. Organic Led 20x2 display
  10. Magic Switchboard
  11. Picaxe RGB controller.
  12. Interfacing with the C328RS Camera
  13. Varying LED brightness
  14. Stepper driven Turntable
  15. Binary Clock
  16. Digital Clock :: DS1307 :: 2-wire LCD
  17. Vehicle monitoring unit
  18. Another RGB fader
  19. Loud Piezo Tones
  20. Tangential tonearm for turntable
  21. 18x & 4D systems OLED display Automotive Gauge - FINISHED
  22. RGB Floodlight
  23. 28X2 PICAXE PlayStation
  24. Sound to Servo
  25. 08M Self calibrating rudder position indicator
  26. Picaxe at Art Prize 2009
  27. Audio Visual Custom cable tester
  28. Rivercam with PICAXE pan/tilt control
  29. Using surplus 120-LED matrix modules
  30. 2 (or 3) wire LCD module interface
  31. Getting started with the 4D Systems SOMO 14D audio module
  32. Poundland Key Fob IR Remote Control
  33. Bang & Olufsen BeoLink 1000 Remote Control
  34. Sequential switch & source selector
  35. SuperDVR4 & Picaxe
  36. PSP VU meter finished
  37. Motion-controlled glow fans
  38. Public Speaker Timer project
  39. Project Box 4X40 LCD
  40. TV Remote Control
  41. ADC Controlled Pirahna RGB Led
  42. Connecting a Picaxe 14m with and LCD HD44780 standard
  43. 16 Channel Lighting Sequencer / Chaser, 20X2 version.
  44. High quality amplifier (with PICAXE)
  45. 3 yr old's MP3 player
  46. Getting Start with 4D System uLCD modules = basic tutorial
  47. Getting started with the Speakjet
  48. My first PICAXE Project - 8-input video switcher
  49. Picaxe Game System
  50. EA DIP204-4 20x4 LCD Using the KS0073 chip
  51. On-board Train Transport Info System
  52. 20x2 driving Allelectronics HG25504 LCD
  53. 6 Digit Countdown Timer (hh:mm:ss)
  54. Digital Picture Frame Controller
  55. MP3 Alarm Clock
  56. Serial/I2C LCD Shield for Axe401
  57. Beer Brewing Thermometer
  58. NewBe Question, First -08M Project
  59. Picaxe 18X I2C communications with PCA9622 I2C PWM LED driver, ROYGBIV color fade
  60. Composite video signal detector
  61. Nokia 1100 & 2280 gLCD modules
  62. Yawn! Another RGB LED Fader with 08M
  63. Valkee with 08m
  64. Colour Sensing Mood Light
  65. LCD/OLED Memory Mapping
  66. Using the Parallax ColorPAL Colour Sensor module with PICAXE chips
  67. Chasing/Scrolling LEDs
  68. Picaxe clock thermometer
  69. speed of song search
  70. Using the Propeller Backpack for colour TV-OUT applications.
  71. 4x4x4 LED Cube using 08M2 and MAX7219
  72. Getting Started with the SAA1064 i2c bus 4-Digit 7-Segment LED driver chip
  73. power-optimized self-calibrating PWM driven light-sensing electro optical circuit
  74. 16 channel analog voltage sequencer for analog synthesizers
  75. first project - Big Clock
  76. PICAXE Sweetdreams Nightlight
  77. Getting Started with the WS2801 3-Channel RGB LED Driver with PWM output
  78. Controlling two LED brightnesses with one PWM
  79. SSD0303 OLED Display - Clock Demo
  80. Multiplexing 7 seg displays
  81. PUP Hand-Held LCD Game Console / Customisable
  82. Getting Started with the MAX7219 Eight Digit 7-Segment LED Driver
  83. Flashing lights for desk ornament based on 18M2+
  84. Getting Started with the PT6961 6-digit 12-segment LED driver with30 key switch scan
  85. Newbies' guide to parallel HD44780 LCDs and Winstar OLEDs / AXE133 as a project board
  86. Getting Started with the DS3232 RTC and a brief comparison of some other RTC chips
  87. Practices conducted by high school students
  88. OLED interface with High Speed Serial, i2c and Mapped i2c
  89. Antique Bluetooth Speaker
  90. School project pallet lifter. Difference 2 colors. Picaxe 18M2
  91. VTech Kidilook Digital Picture Frame Hacking
  92. Cube Led RGB 4x4x4 - picaxe 28x2
  93. Clock, and Games console, Pong, Snake and Tetris.
  94. Lcd driver board
  95. OS96016PP08MB2B10 i2c SSD0303 OLED Display - Text Demo
  96. IKEA STRALA lamp with Picaxe chip!
  97. yet more RGB tomfoolery
  98. CCTV remote switching, Wild birds nest boxes
  99. Using the LC75821 LCD Driver with PICAXE - Thinkpad 770 keyboard/battery status LCD
  100. Driving 40x2 display with standard AXE133
  101. Low Cost DYI "1-Wire" Serial Backpack 57600 bps
  102. POV Clock.
  103. Lighting controller for my Ford Ranger
  104. LED light display - simple beginner project for 08M2
  105. Flashing Police Lights and Siren - beginner project for 08M2
  106. 1.8 TFT SPI Display
  107. Talking Guess the Number game
  108. Led Star with Picaxe 20M2 (My first big project)
  109. Uni Controller
  110. A versatile single-character 7-segment display using one PicAxe o/p pin
  111. PICAXE in the Streets
  112. bitbang Nokia 5110 LCD with 14M2
  113. AXE133 code for 18M2 using hardware UART needs no delay between chars up to 9600 baud
  114. AXE133 ported to 14M2 using hardware UART needs no delay between chars upto 4800 baud
  115. Another PICAXE-Based Public Artwork
  116. Picaxe Tron
  117. OLED Analogue Thermometer
  118. Der sinnlose Zähler: a Picaxe powered, Dekatron and Nixie display, do-nothing box
  119. Cubee - an IOT desktop toy
  120. LED Colour Guide
  121. PICAXE + FDD for Musical FDD?