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    Default "SerialPower" true two-wire data+power network

    The Picaxe "SerialPower" Network combines power delivery and
    bi-directional communications between processes on intelligent nodes
    using just two interchangeable wires:

    This network is based on two - independent - concepts:
    - Networking hardware for linking Picaxe-based nodes transmitting power and data over two lines
    - Picaxe network software that implements communicating processes on a multi-drop network

    A master node provides for power as well as "timeslots" during which processes on nodes can exchange messages with each other using a standard format. The slave nodes are powered from the network and only need a backup capacitor. Both master and slave nodes can be implemented using any available Picaxe type.

    The concept of communicating processes is used (each process has a unique identifier), allowing abstraction from physical nodes and thereby flexible distribution of functionality over different nodes. A node may implement several processes, and the same process may run concurrently on several nodes with local modifications, as shown in the figure below (temperature reading process #11 adresses display process #2 which is distributed over two nodes);

    The master node is completely application-independent, any process on a node can exchange information with any process on another node (including slave-slave comms). Message collissions are avoided by assigning each sending process a separate ID-marked timeslot. After network power-up, the master node automatically roams the network for processes that may want to send messages, and stores the corresponding process IDs for automatic timeslot generation later on. Furthermore, processes can register or remove timeslots for other processes on the fly as well.

    A variant of the network software is also available for simple one-wire "diode-mixing" networks with separate power and serial communication lines.

    In addition to the software, all details can be found in an architecture document at:
    Current version: v3.0 (for all picaxe variants) (April 2009)
    Beta version SerialPower II (for M2 and X2 picaxes, see the end of this thread) (September 2011)

    Jurjen Kranenborg
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