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Thread: Picaxe or BASIC Stamp?

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    Default Picaxe or BASIC Stamp?

    I've use BASIC Stamps already and I think they are pretty cool, I've also checked out the Picaxe programming Editor and it looks just as good as the BASIC Stamp. If I were buying these solely on price, Picaxe would win everytime, but this is where I want your opinion. Does the Picaxe chips have the same kind of abilities as a BASIC Stamp or are they pretty much the same performance wise?

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    It would help to know what you are planning to do wqith them. Otherwise, is just the same as a comparison of "Coke" and "Pepsi".

    Of course cost is always an issue....

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    Just random wiring things here and there, I think that STAMPS cost too much for my interest anyways so I'm gonna try out a PICAXE-08 and a PICKAXE-08M. I'm only trying the normal 8 pin because it comes with the starter kit, lol. *Placing order*

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    I've been a huge BS2 fan for going on 10 years now... I came across Picaxe about a year ago, and I am hooked!!!! these little buggers are great! They offer some features that the Stamp does not (like true background PMW)... the memory size and number of I/0 of the 08M is obviously much smaller than a BS2, but at the price for an 08M (compared to a BS2), you can use buy a lot of them and still be ahead!


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    Yeah, my finger itching over that order button. I'm just not sure if I have a great use for them. I currently use BS2 in my robotics class (high school class, kinda weird because we are out in the middle of the "sticks", where even the biggest schools around us don't have this kind of class 80

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    The entry level PICAXE's have the same abilities as the BS1 except there are difference in the way analogue inputs are used and the I/O capabilities are slightly different. The more advanced PICAXE's offer a lot more, right up to the current top of the range 28X1 and 40X1 which are extremely competitively priced.

    It's hard to compare PICAXE and Basic Stamp simply because there are so many variants of each and none are exact equivalents. I would venture that for many applications there would be a PICAXE or Basic Stamp which would be suitable for use ( and other alternatives as well ) although there are probably applications which one of the other are not suited to.

    The nicest thing in my opinion about PICAXE's for anyone new to them is their low cost, simplicity of use ( no complex programming interface ) and free software. Very suited to 'try it and see' so I don't think you'll regret placing your order.

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    For what it is worth. I have a BS, that I bought several years ago, and it is still in the packaging somewhere. I have several Picaxes I bought in November, and many are in use in various projects. The 08M is a gem for a lot of stuff. If you are doing robotics, I highly recommend the 08M servo controller board.

    Just my .02, of course. But as a newbie, I love the little buggers. For some other projects, I have, indeed, ordered the new 28x1 and 40x1 parts.

    Good luck,


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    I was a stamp fan until recently becoming acquainted with PICAXE and am hooked. Cost and flexibility of PICAXE has made me completely rethink my future robotic project. Rather than a couple expensive BS2's I am convinced a 08M Servo controller along with a handfull of 18X are a far better moduler robotic controller setup than BS's. Each has its advantages but I think BS's are dinasours compared to PICAXE.

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    Just for sheer ruggedness, fault tolerance and simplicity 08M's take a lot of beating. The multifunction I/O ability of the pins on 08M’s more than makes up for the number of legs to play with.

    All you need is a battery and a chip for the heart of a simple project. Multi servo driving and some very clever serin decoding are features I like.

    In class and on teacher courses I find they take a lot of abuse like polarity reversal, DIL socket 180 swaps and so forth. Stick with 3volt battery power and they don't get too hot or permanently melt down. Cool them off and they will run again. The new DisableBOD will allow down to 1.3 volt operation at close to 1uAmp.

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    i use them for both commercial and fun
    you generally get a hell of a lot more value dollar wise with the picaxe
    if you bugger up a picaxe it's no great loss because they aren't that expensive
    but if you bugger up a basic stamp it's a much bigger cost
    not only that the picaxe is also much more reliable than the basic stamp

    about the only thing the basic stamp has over the picaxe is processing speed but that won't be an issue in due course and it's not much of a difference anyway

    the reliablility side of the picaxe is that you only have to worry about 1 chip going wrong where as on the basic stamp there are several and also a lot more points for form a short on to bugger it up
    besides they are too costly
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