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Thread: DF Mini Module with Picaxe 18M2 Low power board?

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    Looks like might have solved it by connecting to 12v rather than a 4.5v battery box. The MP3 module was getting 3.15v but I guess with the on board resistor perhaps it wasn't enough. No idea.
    NEVER rely on a battery box for development - if the application need batteries then that is another can-of-worms
    We would normally recommend trying with a battery box if having problems with whatever is being used as a power supply to a PICAXE, but 4.5V into a 5V regulator is going to produce well below 4.5V on the output, and not necessarily reliably or consistently once current flows.

    Most regulators require at least 2V overhead to regulate properly so an input over 7V is usually required, hence 9V-12V is often chosen.

    One can usually connect a 4.5V battery box to the power rails on the PICAXE side of a regulator without any damage providing the regulator is left unpowered.

    The DF Player Mini module is rated for 3.2V-5V operation so would guess you were running on the margins of it working and not.

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    Thanks Hippy, will know for the future.

    I measured 3.15 on the output but guess that could have dropped with the player connected.


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