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    Default Ground Heater to Picaxe control

    Hi picaxe friends

    I have been working on rebuilding one of our ground heaters control panel for some time
    because the OEM used mechrelays which were corroded + one board was fried.
    So I decided to try give it the "WORKS" or for me "STATE OF THE ART"
    My control board gives me alot of information and uses 3 P20x2 chips.
    (which 20x2 is new to me but love them and love the memory for my unprofessional code)

    The control board has\/

    5 ds18b20 temperature sensors
    1st- for the main/supply glycol temp (St top LCD)
    2nd- for the return glycol (Rt top LCD)
    3rd- for the overheat (OHT middle LCD)
    4th- for dieselfuel heat exchange (FX bottom LCD)
    5th- for the dieseltank (Tkt bottom LCD)

    1- glycol flow meter..has to be cali still (Pflow middle LCD)

    2 Current transformers
    1st- reading pump amps (P=#.#A middle LCD)
    2nd- reading Burner amps (B/Amp#.# bottom LCD)

    1- glycol tank float switch (no visual)

    2 pressure transducers
    1st - reading glycol pump pressure (PmP middle LCD)
    2nd - reading how much fuel in the diesel tank (FTL= bottom LCD)

    1- potentiometer for setting custom temp (TEMPset= top LCD)

    3- solid state relays
    1st- preheater goes high if temp=< -0 f for 5 min
    2nd- glycol pump
    3rd- diesel burner/boiler

    1-aquastat for the burner (just incase my digital friends fail)

    500+/- hours reading picaxe forums/200 hrs processing some big words

    End results = I was very excited to see it all work in place after
    many hours testing on breadboards. After I had my control board finished (not installed then)
    I placed it in the freezer for 30 minutes then took it out and powered it up with
    surprising results....it all still worked!! I also searched diesel weight/height and calulated
    my diesel tanks for how many gallons using the 0-5 psi pressure transducer and the bottom LCD
    switches back/forth from ftl= ... to height of fuel from bottom of tank and when I fired up the control
    board it showed 28" from the bottom which after i physically meassured the fuel level it was right on.
    Now its easy to fix problems at 60f + but next winter at -20 below will it work? If not I have a few
    backup plans ... with OUT the use of a fuse and some big explosion material.
    Anyway I would like to say thanks to you all for helping me from different Pforums to make it possible.
    I would show a schematic but its in "my" plumbergreek langauge but it works and I'm happy.
    your almost truly friend
    have a good weekend I'll be back some monday
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    Nice job integrating it all. Thanks for taking the time to post in Finished Projects.

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    Thanks Ibenson but it wouldn't been built if it wasn't for forum helpers like you/all
    that was probably my most time eating project but I believe that harder it is the bigger the celebration.
    But learning is the best part ( it just takes me 20 times longer)
    Now onto project #531 (project #018 thru #530 was projects my breadboards couldn't understand short circuits) jk


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