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Thread: Axepad and 64-bit linux?

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    Default Axepad and 64-bit linux?

    I'm contemplating acquiring a Chromebook and loading Linux so I can program Picaxe chips, but I get the impression that while Linux is moving away from supporting 32-bit software and is becoming a 64-bit operating system, Axepad will not function in that environment without major effort and heartburn and there is no indication that a 64-bit compatible Axepad is on the horizon.

    Am I mistaken that Axepad does not run in 64-bit linux environments and that 64-bit Axepad is not in the immediate offing?

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    AXEpad is a 32-bit application and that isn't likely to change any time soon. It does run under 64-bit Linux, though some distros do seem to make that more difficult than it should be.

    One thing to watch out for is what the architecture of the target is; in this case the Chromebook. AXEPad expects an X86 architecture, as do the PICAXE compilers, so will not run direct on a different architecture without some sort of emulation.
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