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data logger

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Hi i am using the datalogger and i have a temp sensor and light sensor connected the reading is showing
156 could anyone let me know what the reading is
many thanks

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    "the datalogger" - I'm assuming you mean the AXE110P datalogger.

    "the reading is showing 156" - What reading? The temp sensor or the light sensor? You need to check the datasheet for the LDR you're using, then you can calculate the brightness level from the ADC reading.

    Anyway, you will get more answers by asking in the Active PICAXE Forum. The blogs are ideal publishing progress in a big project, publishing guides and other information but the Active PICAXE Forum gets a lot more readers.
    As stated, please re-post your question in the Active Picaxe Forum.
    Then, I or another moderator, will remove this blog.