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LED lights

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Hello Pros....Paul here

I'm a complete newbee to PICAXE but I learn quickly.

I have a very simple project to put together but I need it done in a very short period time, and just to have you know, I'm a retiree who loves to build RC planes and helicopters.

I've been delving in trying to write a very simple code on a typical 8-pin micro pic with no success.....yet

I want to build 4 Reverse Mount SMD LED's on to a microPIC, 1S 3.7v LiPo power, 3 LED's are to flash (2 very quick flashes, pause and repeat) and 1 LED stays constant on.

Can someone please help with writing the BASIC language / graphical flowchart?

Thank-you very much

Paul )

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    The ideal place for asking questions is in the Active PICAXE Forum since posts there seem to get far more traffic than the blogs.

    To get you started, look at these commands in PICAXE Manual 2:
    • high
    • low
    • pause
    • toggle

    If one LED stays constantly on, then you can just connect that one straight to the power supply, but if you want to be able to turn it off later then you must connect it to the microcontroller.

    This is example code for a M2-series PICAXE, where the LED that is constantly on is on pin B.0, and the other two on B.1 and B.2.
    high B.0
      toggle B.1
      toggle B.2
      pause 100
      toggle b.1
      toggle b.2
      pause 100
      toggle b.1
      toggle b.2
      pause 100
      toggle b.1
      toggle b.2
      pause 2000
    Of course, if the two flashing LEDs will always be flashing together, then you can power both off the same pin as long as you don't exceed the current limit of the pin (I don't know the current consumption of your LEDs). If you think you will exceed the current limit, use a transistor.
    Hey Nick great stuff....

    Yes I suppose I should go to the forums, I would like to thank-you VERY much for the help!

    Nothing like having diligent helping hands in life....THANK-YOU NICK