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DHT11 Humidity Sensor

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Greetings to all forum, I have read carefully the comments and analysis shown here and those shown in the French blog I think it's great the way they resolved, however I have noticed some details that I have very clear, these are: the schema using the 74hc221 pulse width according to R3 and C2 values shown, I get 110us (although according to Philips data sheet would be 77us) which are not consistent with 65us, C2 is not connected properly (leg should go to pin Rx / Cx and the other to Cx), mount the circuit but I do not get good results, RH% reading is very unstable and T ░ C did not get ... I think it's a problem reading from the sensor (I'm using DHT03) not get the pulses correctly ... I can do? ... I think a 40X2 fit ... they recommend ....! thanks in advance

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