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i have just resently found out about picaxes and i am going to use it for my project.
the type of picaxe i have bought is and AXE055 PICAXE-18X T4 control board.
i have successfully installed the program for windows and AXE027 Download cable.
but when i follow the manual and try to program my picaxe a message comes up saying

ERROR hardware not found

i have done all of the procedures in checking that the picaxe is pluged in and power is working cause the led lights are lit
are there any sugestions on what i can do because i havnt got a clue

any help will be great thank you

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    I would recommend posting in the Active Picaxe Forum, rather than in the blog section. Be aware, you will be asked such things as if the USB port is being shown as active in the Win-OS (version?) and if you were able to successfully set the Editor software to the correct COM port, etc. When connected, the USB port should be shown as active, you must select that in the PICAXE Programming Editor (Options/Serial Port), and you should also try Options/Mode/Check Firmware. Most likely you are just having a USB issue.