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  1. Pulse stops the parallel subprogram

    Hello, I also posted this entry on the French version.
    I find that a pulse generated in the main program using the "pulse out" command interrupts the running of the subprogram ( start 1) during the duration of the pulse.
    Is it normal or am I doing something wrong?
    When I replace the "pulse out" command by a classic "output on" then "wait" then "output off" the subprogram is not affected.
    I use a 20M2 and program with ...
  2. Impulsion et parallel processing sur 20M2

    Je voudrais savoir si générer une impulsion dans le programme principal (en utilisant la commande "pulse out") interrompt le déroulement du sous programme (start1)
    J'utilise un 20M2 et je programme avec Logicator. Quand je remplace la fonction "pulse out" par "output on" puis "wait 0.5" puis "output off" il me semble que le sous programme n'est pas affecté?
    Merci pour clarifier ce point
  3. Needing help using an mp3 trigger

    I am trying to use an MP3 Trigger device for a project I'm building.


    I can activate a limited number of sounds using individual pins. However, I would like to use the serial option to use as many mp3 sound clips as I want.

    I am stuck w.r.t communication between the picaxe and the mp3 trigger device.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  4. Have you used a GPS receiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danielpbt View Post
    Hello everyone.
    I am planning a new project for next year, and I would like to include GPS. I work with 28X2 processors, and with Blockly software, which is easier for Baccalaureate students. As you see?
    Greetings and thanks
  5. Download to PICAXE 40X2 issuees...

    Hello everybody,
    I have an issue to download on PICAXE-40X2 (PIC18F45K22) fit in the RKP40c board.
    I soldered the pairs (2 + 2) from download connector as in documentation but still is not working.
    Message <Com x not found>.
    Using same cable and different circuits and boards: PCB 08M, 14M, 20M, 28X2 (3V) download was succesfuly...
    Can somebody suggest additional checking's ?
    Thank you
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