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  1. Needing help using an mp3 trigger

    I am trying to use an MP3 Trigger device for a project I'm building.


    I can activate a limited number of sounds using individual pins. However, I would like to use the serial option to use as many mp3 sound clips as I want.

    I am stuck w.r.t communication between the picaxe and the mp3 trigger device.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated
  2. Have you used a GPS receiver?

    Quote Originally Posted by Danielpbt View Post
    Hello everyone.
    I am planning a new project for next year, and I would like to include GPS. I work with 28X2 processors, and with Blockly software, which is easier for Baccalaureate students. As you see?
    Greetings and thanks
  3. Download to PICAXE 40X2 issuees...

    Hello everybody,
    I have an issue to download on PICAXE-40X2 (PIC18F45K22) fit in the RKP40c board.
    I soldered the pairs (2 + 2) from download connector as in documentation but still is not working.
    Message <Com x not found>.
    Using same cable and different circuits and boards: PCB 08M, 14M, 20M, 28X2 (3V) download was succesfuly...
    Can somebody suggest additional checking's ?
    Thank you
  4. How to Post a trigger event to IFTTT using ESP and PICAXE 08M2

    I currently post values to Thingspeak using a Picaxe 08M2 and ESP 0866 and would like to do the same to IFTTT but the same code does not appear to work. Can anyone offer assistance?


  5. OPL-Transmitter.C

    *  AI Ra-01_V1.0 Semtech SX1278
    *  LoRa            Pi
    *  3.3V         3.3V    Red
    *  GND            GND        Black
    *  SCK            SCLK    Yellow
    *  MOSI            MOSI    Green
    *  MISO            MISO    Orange
    *  NSS            CE0    White
    *  RESET        #18    Brown
    *  DIO0    ------1k------- #24    Grey IRQ pulled down + 1k current limiter
    *  Pi3.3V--button--1k-->
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