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  1. Command and Control - via Morse Code?

    Update: POC code posted Proof-Of-Concept

    Today, I am using my blog entirely as a blog should be used... just tossing out ideas and letting my mind be a bit "free" with regard to reality. Refreshing.

    In an earlier post today regarding use of audio tones detected/decoded by a PICAXE to provide some rudimentary robotic control, I responded that I thought perhaps Morse Code could be utilized as an underlying transport protocol for command and control applications. ...

    Updated 20-07-2012 at 16:03 by mrburnette

  2. Dying IDE Market Provides Opportunity To Repurpose Enclosure

    I remember upgrading this current notebook IDE hard disk a couple of years back and thinking, Wow... I can get twice the drive for my money if I needed SATA. At the time, I purchased a couple of the small 2.5" external drive enclosures... one for the drive which would be surplus after the upgrade and one for a drive given to me by a friend that had upgraded! I think I paid about $15 each for those USB enclosures.

    Today, while wandering through Microcenter, I came across this: ...
  3. Cold Hearted Orb That Rules The Night

    20120705 Update: Working code sample here: #post209978

    Sometimes the most stressful situations lead to astonishing discoveries and a sequent acquisition. Yesterday, on a shopping trip to WalMart in the heat of the summer with 107F temperatures in the shade I accompanied my wife on a mandatory (her words) trip to secure items for the coming week. Since I am retired and she is not, I do not have a vote in such matters, rather the role of chauffeur is most appropriate.


    Updated 05-07-2012 at 14:54 by mrburnette (POC code)

  4. QBF (Quick Brown Fox) Serial Test Generator

    20120907 UPDATE: New Code published with additional functionality.
    See: #post207784

    Now on Instructables:

    I had this need to do some testing on a prototype and I needed a signal generator for ASCII. In the old days of working in military buildings without windows, we had this test equipment that would put out "RY" for Baudot testing of teletypes. (The equivalent ASCII code would be U* in case ...

    Updated 09-09-2012 at 17:22 by mrburnette (Instructables Link)

  5. Listen to the rhythm of your PICAXE

    Think that PICAXE chip is dead? No scope? What to do?

    An old, old trick that I used back in my military days: use a cheap AM transistor radio to "listen" to the sound of your digital circuit. The only criteria is that the radio must have a directional ferrite antenna to help localize the signal.

    Tune the radio to the lower part of the AM band and to a frequency that is bot being used for broadcast. You may need to play around with the frequency selection. ...

    Updated 31-05-2012 at 14:05 by mrburnette

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