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  1. Read Me First!
  2. "SerialPower" true two-wire data+power network
  3. Long range radio communications
  4. VB.net serial and ftp code
  5. Serial Comms Example Source Code
  6. Internet gateway to picaxe network using UDP through SimpleLan
  7. Serial Speeds
  8. Serial to PICAXE via Download Cable
  9. Controlling calculators, xboxes and other devices
  10. PICAXE Input Pin Types
  11. PICAXE SFR Usage
  12. AiChip Terminal Emulator
  13. 500 metre radio communications
  14. HSERSETUP <value>,<mode> Settings
  15. writeI2c data conversion like serial?
  16. Twitter + PicAxe!
  17. KeyBoard Transmitter
  18. Serin hang workaround
  19. The Home Automation Wireless Project
  20. Switch detection over long distances
  21. Amateur Radio - Rotator Controller
  22. Amateur Radio - Preamp Sequencer
  23. Amateur Radio - Various Projects
  24. NMEA HDG --> HDT conversion
  25. Bike secur
  26. Jabber (XMPP) + PicAxe!
  27. 38400baud transfers with PICAXE-08M
  28. Remote Sensing Morse Code
  29. Decoding UK's NPL MSF Time Signal
  30. Hall Effect sensor
  31. Serial input over download cable (08/08M)
  32. DTMF relay controller
  33. Picaxe to Max6675 Thermocouple amp
  34. PICAXE I/O Current Capability
  35. PICAXE Variable, Memory and Storage Summary
  36. X10 RF using a PICAXE 08M
  37. Narrow-band radio telemetry
  38. MM5450 Serial interface Code
  39. Low power 433MHz Telemetry System
  40. PC to Picaxe serial communication LCD // 4bits VB6
  42. Net access for picaxe with openWrt router
  43. Remote Control for PC
  44. Picaxe 28x1 To PC ANSI Emulator
  45. PSX / PSone controller input to PICAXE
  46. RF Remote + Portable Power Supply All In One
  47. Simple PICAXE 08M PMR Repeater
  48. off-camera flash remote control
  49. PC-PICAXE Programmable Serial Comms - a further option
  50. Low battery wireless alarm
  51. AXE027 Download Cable Test Circuit
  52. Background Infrared Receiver for 32-bit Codes
  53. Infrared (IR) Communications Basic Tutorial
  54. On-board Train Transport Info System
  55. radio-ham autotuner for magloops
  56. Cammy v.1.0 Living Room Webcam Tracking
  57. Lambda sensor display using 28X1
  58. AXE033 LCD display
  59. Using INHAOS RF2400 2.4 gHz RF Modules
  60. Morse Code Decoder for Cheap using a 20X2
  61. Morse Code Decoding @8WPM with a PICAXE 08M2
  62. Dorji RF Modules - Picaxe Demo Code with CRC Checking
  63. RFM42 Lost Model Locator
  64. Non HID-compliant mouse
  65. Wireless remote control for multiple remote antenna tuners
  66. Fill an EEPROM with data from a computer
  67. Wireless Link using Hope RF modules
  68. Portable Magic Morse Decoder
  69. Innovate LC-1 wideband o2 controller bar graph display.
  70. Solving Serin & Serout Problems with 20M2 and 20X2
  71. Portable Magic Morse Decoder - MK2
  72. RTTY Decoder - Pt1
  73. RFM22 versus XRF
  74. Getting Started with PICAXE and Dorji DRF4431F13 Wireless Transceiver Modules
  75. Differential Serial Output 'RS422'
  76. ImprovedPICAXE GPS Locator with remote Telemetry reception
  77. Mini Morse decoder using Nokia 5110 graphics LCD.
  78. Audio Command Remote PICAXE via Morse Code (Proof Of Concept)
  79. led switch
  80. I2CSLAVE OR Background serial between 20X2 and 20M2
  81. Picaxe pongsat
  82. PICAXE and RFM22 RF Beacon
  83. Five control projects using inexpensive 433 MHz modules
  84. Pentagon RF Remote
  85. Lost Model Locator - with long range capability
  86. Dorji DRF4463 - Si4463 - Wireless Transceiver Module
  87. Picaxe Remote Procedure Calls over I2C
  88. Using an INHAOS LC-1000 with the Picaxe
  89. Wireless Remote Monitor and Controller
  90. pulsed-digit non-blocking inter-chip communication
  91. High Altitude Balloon Tracker and using the SST25VF032B 4Mbyte Flash memory
  92. HABAXE - High Altitude Balloon Tracker for PICAXE.
  93. LoRa devices for long range wireless applications
  94. Giving a PICAXE a heart beat
  95. HABAXE2 - a LoRA based High Altitude Balloon Tracker Project
  96. IR Scope
  97. Model Trams Share Networks
  98. 2.4GHz Radio Sniffer
  99. Communicating from PICAXE M2 series to Arduino UNO advice needed.
  100. CCTV protocol converter
  101. Telegram bot controlling a Picaxe 18m2
  102. WWVB Atomic Time with a PICAXE 08M2
  103. Picaxe to Picaxe Serial communications withe hsersetup
  104. Transfer Program
  105. This handheld RF controller has 53 commands and an OLED display
  106. OPEN sign